The Hidden Treasure Shop
about us

We started our business in Guam where we lived for 5 years.  While living there, we vacationed in Bali and discovered a market on ebay for treasures that 
we brought back.  
While searching on ebay one day, we found someone who was auctioning off an old building in Walnut Grove which prompted a visit to our beautiful Delta town.  
We discovered a easy going place in the country on the Sacramento River where people could have places where they live in the back and run businesses in the front. 
Since ebay was already part of the business, this was a perfect match 
for such a sleepy town.  

We found the perfect spot, rehabbed it and opened shop.  After a couple of years, we outgrew this location and were lucky enough to find an even better spot, 
an old Japanese baitshop 
where you can find us today.   

14105 River Road, Walnut Grove, CA  95690
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Where it Began...Our First Location
After the Transformation
Our Current Location
Our Diamond in the Rough